Book Review – ‘Naval Leadership and Management 1650–1950’ by Helen Doe and Richard Harding (eds)

By C. I. Hamilton, published October 2020


This volume has a double function. First of all it is a Festschrift to the distinguished career as teacher and writer of Michael Duffy, who retired in 2009 (as far, that is, as an historian ever can). But it strives to escape the accusation commonly levelled, often with justice, at such collections, that they are suffused with red light from the acceleration of the contributors away from any supposed common centre. Hence the decision to make this volume also a study of the interconnected roles of leadership and management in the Royal Navy during the years in question. The chance was taken of a conference in September 2009, marking Duffy’s retirement, to begin to concentrate minds, and this volume is the further distillation….

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Filed under: Early Modern | Eighteenth Century | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century
Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Miscellaneous

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