Book Review – ‘Naval Warfare: A global history’ by Eric Grove

By Eric Grove, published January 2021


I have to admit to have been putting off reading and reviewing this book; I am grateful to the reviews editor for his forbearance. The reason is that I know, like and admire Professor Jeremy Black of Exeter University, one of the most prolific serious historical authors in the world with more than a hundred books to his credit. My fears were that of the specialist reviewing a generalist’s work on his subject. In fact Professor Black broadly succeeds in his aim of bringing new perspectives on naval history.

… I could go on. These errors do not completely undermine the book, but they should not be there and it is surprising they were not corrected by the author’s several readers. They detract from one aim of the work, to provide an introduction to the subject for the more general reader. Nevertheless, the overall arguments of the book are of significance and should not be ignored by naval historians …

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Filed under: WW1 | WW2 | Post WW2 | Nineteenth Century
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Naval Aviation | Navies | Submarines

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