Book Review-‘NAVIS 5: Atti del II convegno nazionale di Archeologia Storia ed Etnologia Navale, Cesenatico, Museo della Marineria (13–14 Aprile 2012)’ by A. Asta, G. Caniato, D. Gnola, and S. Medas

By Francesco Tiboni, published November 2020


This book is the fifth issue of NAVIS, the journal founded some decades ago and edited by the Italian Institute of Nautical Archaeology, History and Ethnology (ISTIAEN). It contains the Proceedings of the Second Italian Congress of Nautical Archaeology, History and Ethnology, held at the Museo della Marineria in Cesenatico in 2012.

Edited by four scholars, experts in nautical archaeology, history and maritime tradition, the book provides a realistic portrait of the actual state of Italian nautical archaeology and history. Despite the lack of financial aid and proper institutional actors, studies of these areas seem to be progressing in a very dynamic way, with many professionals working in Italy and abroad, achieving important scientific and historical results. These scholars are often working in co-operation with foreign institutions or thanks to a direct involvement in foreign research groups. In fact, as a result of the 2012 edition of the congress being voluntarily opened to Croatian colleagues, the contribution to excavation and study by both foreign scholars, and Italian archaeologists at foreign universities and research centres, is significant, especially in the section dedicated to nautical archaeology…

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Subjects include: Archaeology | Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration

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