Book Review – ‘New Interpretations in Naval History: Selected papers from the Sixteenth Naval History Symposium Held at the United States Naval Academy, 10–11 September 2009’ by Craig C. Felker and Marcus O. Jones (eds)

By Raymond W. Westphal Jr, published November 2020


For over 40 years naval scholars and graduate students have gathered at the US Naval Academy with the specific aim of strengthening the collective knowledge of naval history by sharing new findings, challenging existing scholarship and giving budding scholars an opportunity to introduce themselves and their work to their brethren. Over the course of the last four decades there have been periods where scholars have focused their research towards one subject. However, during the seventeenth symposium there was no principal theme, thus allowing scholars to present a broad range of topics from American colonial resistance to British impressment to the first acoustic testing of torpedoes….

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Subjects include: Navies

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