Book Review-‘‘No One Avoided Danger’: NAS Kaneohe Bay and the Japanese attack of 7 December 1941’ by J. M. Wenger, R. J. Cressman and J. F. Di Virgilio

By John T. Kuehn, published December 2020


This book is part of a series of works published by the Naval Institute Press to ‘fill [a] wide gap in military history by diving down to the lowest of levels of practical, personal, and tactical details’ (iii). Two of the three authors will be familiar to naval history audiences. Robert Cressman is a long-time scholar and author who worked at the Naval History and Heritage Command (formerly the Naval Historical Center), and J. Michael Wenger has published numerous books with the Naval Institute, the most recent being another collaborative effort with Cressman about the Marines on 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbour. They join newcomer John Di Virgilio, a native of Hawaii, in an effort that is remarkably similar to their micro-history of US Marine activities on the same ‘infamous’ day…

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Filed under: WW2 | Pacific
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics

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