Book Review-‘North Sea War 1914–1919’ by R. Malster

By Eric C. Rust, published December 2020


The title of this book is somewhat misleading because readers, expecting perhaps another account of the clashes of the British and German battle fleets or a far-ranging analysis of how naval and air operations in the North Sea theatre influenced the outcome of the First World War, will feel disappointed. Instead Robert Malster, author of numerous works on the war experience of communities and counties along England’s east coast, is adding a further volume to that series, this time concentrating on the operations of Admiral Sir Reginald Tyrwhitt’s Harwich Force of light cruisers and destroyers and, above all, on the innumerable contributions to the Allied victory by local vessels and their courageous crews who would in normal times be engaged in fishing and coastal trade between the River Tyne and the Dover Straits…

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Filed under: WW1 | English Channel | North Sea
Subjects include: Navies

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