Book Review – ‘One Firm Anchor: The Church and the merchant seafarer, an introductory history’ by R. W. H. Miller

By Roald Kverndal, published October 2020


This book integrates the fruit of lifelong research into the history of relations between the Christian church and the merchant seafarer. The author, who was earlier affiliated with the Church of England and in the 1960s served in the Missions to Seamen, is now a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.

He has chosen to focus on the areas of research to which he has, over the years, devoted his most detailed study. This applies not least to seafarers in the medieval period, the subject of Miller’s doctoral thesis as well as articles in The Mariner’s Mirror in 2003 and 2010. In the first part of his book, Miller deals with relations between the church and the seafarer, all the way from maritime metaphors in the New Testament to the medieval use of mass at sea. Miller’s painstaking research in this field provides an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of maritime religious history in the medieval era….

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