Book Review-‘Ordeal Below Zero: The heroic story of theArctic Convoys in World War II’by G. Blond

By Phil Weir, published December 2020


‘It is unlikely that anyone who sailed on the Arctic convoys will ever forget them. The Seamen, the gunners, the pilots, were drawn from all walks of life, regular servicemen and men who had left their shops and offices and factories to venture across the roof of the world in the teeth of winter and of everything the enemy could hurl at them.’

Many authors have attempted to sum up in a single phrase the Arctic convoys since the end of the Second World War, not least Winston Churchill, whose famous description of them as ‘the worst journey in the World’ adorns the cover of the latest reprint of prolific French author Georges Blond’s Ordeal Below Zero. Blond’s own attempt admirably seems to capture the collective, nature and human side of that great endeavour that helped sustain the Soviet Union’s war effort with nearly four million tons of aid between September 1941 and May 1945…

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Merchant Marines

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