Book Review-‘Painting War: George Plante’s combat art in World War II ‘by K. Broome Williams

By Michael Leek, published October 2020


The concept of ‘official’ war artists making visual records and interpretations of naval and military battles can be said to have started with Van de Velde the Elder, along with one or two of his English contemporaries. Van de Velde was initially the official artist of the Dutch navy and was, for example, present during the Four Days Battle in June 1666. By invitation, he later transferred his artistic talents for the service of Charles II. Other artists have followed in his wake, although not always in an official capacity. Campaigns such as the Crimean War (1854–6) and the 1st and 2nd Boer Wars (1880–1 and 1899–1902 respectively) were notable for the presence of highly talented artists and illustrators, many of whom recorded events as they saw them, without artistic embellishments, or what could be misleading interpretations…

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