Book Review-‘Perspectives on Oceans Past edited’ by K. Schwerdtner Máñe and B. Poulsen

By Samantha Muka, published November 2020


This edited volume brings together scholars in history, sociology, archaeology, and the marine sciences in order to offer ‘theoretical and methodological consideration on how to do marine environmental history’. The ultimate goal of the volume is to ‘solidify a subfield, where diversity is an intellectual strength on the one hand, but on the other hand, lends a fragile basis for community building’ (p. vii). Each chapter is meant to be accessible to humanists or scientists interested in engaging in a study of the marine world that takes into account the shifts in human interactions and natural resources over an extended time period. As a historian of marine science, I found all the chapters equally accessible but, while the articles in the volume are interesting individually, they do not make a coherent whole…

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Filed under: Popular Topics
Subjects include: Archaeology | Science & Exploration

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