Book Review-‘Piracy in the Early Modern Era: An anthology of sources’ by K. Lane and A. Bialuschewski

By Claire Jowitt, published October 2020


Pirates and piracy are perennially popular topics at all levels of student and school curricula, and among the general public alike. But they are also romanticized and poorly understood subjects. As a result, a well-selected, affordably priced anthology of sources and documents on these issues, and about important individuals, dating to piracy’s first global age of (roughly) 1520–1720 is a tremendous boon. Piracy in the Early Modern Era provides a much needed authoritative selection of texts, thematically and chronologically divided into eight well- chosen sections that effectively showcase the material’s interest, as well as its global range and significance. The anthology is divided into the following sections: ‘Global Piracy and European Law’, ‘Atlantic Expansion and the First Global Pirates’, ‘Pirates of the Mediterranean’, ‘The Age of Dutch Corsairs’, ‘The Buccaneers’, ‘The South Sea Raiders’, ‘Pirates in the Indian Ocean’, and finally ‘The Golden Age of Piracy’. Within each individual section is a small number of selected portions of key early modern documents and narrative accounts of piracy, each one framed and situated in its context by a brief introduction that enables readers to understand the material’s significance…

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Filed under: Early Modern | Pirates
Subjects include: Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers

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