Book Review-‘Ports, Piracy and Maritime War: Piracy in the English Channel and the Atlantic, c. 1280– c. 1330’ by Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm

By H.J.K.Jenkins, published November 2020


Expressed in a perhaps surprising manner within a scholarly publication, the author’s preface to this book opens thus: ‘I have never been a big fan of pirates.’ Some readers may feel that a strand of surprise threads its way throughout the subsequent pages, published as part of a Brill series that involves various aspects of medieval law. The book’s content, however, extends far beyond purely legal matters. Indeed it may prove influential regarding a range of maritime historical considerations. It is understandable that problems of surviving evidence (or lack of it) seem to have manifested themselves at some points. That is often the case when dealing with more or less irregular proceedings at sea. Nevertheless the text is well organized with relatively short chapters and plentiful use of helpful section headings. A detailed list of contents contributes to an aura of clarity…

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Filed under: Atlantic | Late Middle Ages | English Channel | Pirates
Subjects include: Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers

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