Book Review-‘Putting Cargoes Through: The US Navy at Gibraltar during the First World War 1917–1919’ by A. P. Niblack and J. B. Hattendorf (eds)

By Innes McCartney, published December 2020


Vice-Admiral Albert P. Niblack commanded the US naval base at Gibraltar and US naval forces in the western Mediterranean during the final year of the First World War, for which he received the Distinguished Service Medal. At some unknown point afterwards he wrote an account of the US Navy’s role at Gibraltar which was submitted for publication to the US Naval Institute journal Proceedings. The type-script ran to 57 double-spaced pages and being too long for a journal article was never used. It ultimately found its way into the US National Archives where it languished unnoticed for several decades. It is now published in this booklet with additional biographical and historical material edited by John Hattendorf. This includes an interesting short essay by Niblack on his appreciation of the role of the US Navy in the First World War…

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Filed under: WW1
Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards | Logistics

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