Book Review-‘Sandwich 24 août 1217: L’Angleterre échappe à la domination française: La bataille navale de l’Écluse 24 Juin 1340 ‘ by G. le Moing

By Susan Rose, published October 2020


Since he retired, Guy le Moing has devoted his time to the study of naval history, and the two titles above are the latest he has published. His interest is in warfare at sea, especially medieval and early modern battles and in particular those which have been to some extent neglected by French historians, perhaps intimidated by the monumental History of the French Navy published by Charles Bourel de la Roncière in 1899. Le Moing’s aim in these books, as in his earlier works, is to produce a clear narrative of the battle, with enough explanation of the context to enable a reader to understand why events probably took the path they did. He is not writing for an academic audience, but for those with an interest in warfare at sea with little pre-existing knowledge of medieval history. There appears to be an active market in France for works of this kind, something which would be welcome to see coming into existence on this side of the Channel…

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Filed under: English Channel
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Strategy & Diplomacy

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