Book Review-‘Schnellboote: A complete operational history’ by L. Paterson

By David Bowen, published December 2020


Known sometimes as E-boats, these Schnellboote (fast boats) were deployed by the German navy in the Second World War and are properly called S-boats. They were small, fast, and agile motor torpedo boats. Lightweight and highly vulnerable, time and time again they relied on surprise, speed and audacity to punch hard.

Readers will have encountered them before, but often just in passing – their exploits woven into other stories. But there is much more to relate. While small in size and number, they fought well above their weight throughout the war, and in every German theatre of operation. They were often the only offensive weapon available to the Kriegsmarine, no more so than against the USSR. We know much of the U-boats and the big ships, but too little of these little ships. They deserve attention and this book redresses the balance and tells their own story…

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Filed under: Interwar | WW2
Subjects include: Navies | Weapons

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