Book Review-‘Science, Utility and Maritime Power: Samuel Bentham in Russia, 1779–91’ by R. Morriss

By Richard L. Bland, published October 2020


Roger Morriss provides a glimpse into the life of a bright young man who, in the late eighteenth century, travelled and worked in Russia. The book is divided into three parts (science, utility and maritime power) with each of the parts subdivided into three chapters. These are followed by conclusions, seven appendices, a bibliography and an index. The book begins by identifying the cast of characters, a touch that is very helpful since Samuel Bentham was a man of action, going to many places and coming into contact with many people (including Count Alexander Stroganov, Peter Simon Pallas, Prince Grigory Potemkin, Grigory Shelikhov, John Paul Jones and even Empress Catherine II). The style is almost autobiographical, in that the author very extensively uses quotations from letters Bentham wrote to his older brother Jeremy and father Jeremiah…

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Subjects include: Biography | Miscellaneous | Science & Exploration

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