Book Review-‘Scottish Arctic Whaling’ by C. W. Sanger

By Arthur G. Credland, published November 2020


Sanger has published extensively on the subject of whaling and sealing and this volume shows an author in complete command of his sources. Utilizing diaries, logs and records of catches he gives us a narrative which reveals the hazards of the northern fishery, with frostbite, scurvy and death being a constant threat. With tremendous skill, he produces a text which is highly readable, but at the same time teases out the economic factors which brought the highs and lows of the trade, in war and peace. These are backed up by lucid charts and tables.

During hostilities the vessels might be more gainfully employed as troop transports or conveying supplies, but there was also the ever-present danger of their crews being impressed…

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Filed under: Other (Nineteenth C) | Arctic
Subjects include: Whaling & Fishing

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