Book Review – ‘Seaforth World Naval Review 2016’ by Matt Schnappauf

By Matt Schnappauf, published October 2020


Seaforth World Naval Review 2016 is the eighth in a series of comprehensive annual global naval affairs reference works. The editor, Conrad Waters, has organized the book into four logical sections: an overview, regional reviews (with two chapters specifically dedicated to the Indonesian and Royal Navies), a review of four significant ship classes and three chapters on major technological developments of the past year. Waters opens by identifying China and Russia as important maritime nations that greatly influenced western military thinking over the past year. He then provides an inviting introduction of the edited work, in which the impact of economics on naval power resonates as a common theme …

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Filed under: Atlantic | English Channel | North Sea | Indian Ocean | Pacific
Subjects include: Navies | Shipbuilding & Design | Submarines | Weapons

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