Book Review-Five Hundred Years of Deptford and WoolwichRoyal Dockyards: Marking the 500th anni -versary of the foundation of the Thames yardsby Henry VIII’ by P. MacDougall (ed.)

By Andy Brockman, published December 2020


The latest volume in the Transactions of the Naval Dockyards Society is not just a valuable addition to the literature of Britain’s maritime history, but also to the ongoing discussions regarding how the development system, as put into practice by local planning authorities and their advisors, balances the need for our living spaces to change and grow with the recording and conservation of irreplaceable evidence of that history.

A total of eight papers are offered in what is broadly a chronological treatment ranging from the foundation of the two royal shipyards by Henry VIII around 1512, through their disposal by the Crown in the third quarter of the nineteenth century and their subsequent fate in the hands of private land owners and would-be developers. However, readers should also be aware that the title of the collection is somewhat misleading, as the focus of the volume is primarily on the royal dockyard at Deptford, which has seen the most work in the archives and on the ground…

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Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards

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