Book Review – ‘Shipping & Economic Growth 1350–1850’ by Richard W. Unger (ed.)

By Cátia Antunes, published October 2020


Shipping and Economic Growth is the latest edited book by Richard W. Unger, well-known scholar of Maritime Economic History. Unger surprises the reader with a collection of fifteen essays divided into two different categories. The first one concerning productivity trends within different shipping traditions and the second one about sources of shipping productivity and growth. This structural differentiation of chapters serves the purpose of answering perhaps one of the most important questions in early modern economic history: was shipping the main engine behind economic growth during the late medieval and early modern periods? If so, how did shipping expansion and productivity develop throughout the centuries in different places in the world?…

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Filed under: Early Modern | Eighteenth Century | Nineteenth Century
Subjects include: Miscellaneous

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