Book Review-‘Sighted Sub – Sank Same: The United States Navy’s air campaign against the U-boat’ by A. C. Care

By David Hobbs, published January 2021


The Battle of the Atlantic has been the focus of attention for many historians and the subject’s historiography is a wide and complex one. The International Naval Conference held in Liverpool in 1993 to mark the 50th anniversary of the battle’s turning point in favour of the Allies was probably the largest assembly of historians who had studied the battle in depth but even among these the US Navy’s air campaign did not get the full recognition it deserved. A book that incorporates a further three decades of research into this important aspect of the conflict is, therefore, to be welcomed. Alan C. Carey is a historian who specialises in aviation topics and has developed a reputation for working with families to gather documentation on the wartime service of their relatives. He has written several books but this is his first for Casemate…

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Submarines

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