Book Review-‘Soltando amarras: La costa noratlántica ibérica en la Edad Moderna’ by M. Garcia Hurtado

By Richard Harding, published January 2021


Over the last 70 years the decline of fishing and the heavy maritime industries has hit many of the coastal regions of Europe extremely hard. Some local and national governments, looking to stimulate new investment, have supported a wide range of cultural projects. One of the beneficiaries of this policy is maritime history. Those declining industries and communities have left, not just architectural and physical monuments, but a cultural legacy that has been preserved in substantial, but under-utilised, archives. Professor Garcia Hurtado has brought together 13 essays that have benefited from one such urban cultures project. Fourteen historians, mostly working on local records, have painted a rich picture of the life in this coastal region during the early modern period.

The north-west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, roughly from the northern provinces of Portugal, through Galicia and Asturias to Cantabria, provided important landmarks for mariners making their way between the Mediterranean and northern waters. Professor Olivier Chaline provides an important opening essay on the improving marine cartography of those vital capes and rias between Cabo Penas and Vigo…

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