Book Review:- ‘Square-rigger Sunset: The passages of the four- and five-masted ships and barques by’ D. Clement, Dina Clement and the South West Maritime History Society

By Frank Scott, published February 2024


In July 2023 the four-masted barque BAP (Buque Armada Peruana) Uníon, the Peruvian naval sail training ship, started a year-long round the world voyage to ‘show the flag’, so it seems an appropriate time to review a new book on four- and five-masted square-riggers. This book and the associated digital-only flash-drive material, represents a labour of love for the late David Clement. Sadly, he died before he could complete it, and an editorial team of friends has brought his book to publication. The majority of the work pre-dates 2005 and as a result, significant elements are somewhat dated. For example, readers will be very surprised to find the four-masted ship Falls of Clyde in Honolulu lauded as a prime example of good preservation, when its decline to rusting hulk is an ongoing public scandal that has lasted at least two decades. Moreover, those who volunteered to make the book ready for printing were hobbled by being instructed that they should not alter the main text, and the digital-only material has been left entirely untouched.

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Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Ship Handling & Seamanship

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