Book Review-‘Steamers at War: The story of the Clyde steamers in the Second World War’ by P. G. Herriot

By Martin Bellamy, published December 2020


Clyde steamers have had a loyal and avid following among enthusiasts and a great deal of research has been carried out and published by the members of the Clyde River Steamer Club. Until now, however, there has not been a publication that focuses on the steamers’ service during the Second World War. The research that forms the heart of this booklet was carried out by Peter Herriot, who gained a specialist knowledge of the subject over many years of investigation and correspondence. He left his notes and a half-finished manuscript, which were picked up again and completed by Ian Hall.

The majority of the booklet is a chronological exploration of fleet movements and livery changes. Shortly after war was declared, the Clyde steamers were called on for government service through the Ministry of War Transport. Some remained on the Clyde providing an essential lifeline between communities, being used for troop movements and serving as tenders for the convoys coming into the Clyde Anchorages Emergency Port. Others were called up for active duty and converted to naval vessels. Small paddle steamers were ideal for minesweeping duties and several Clyde vessels were fitted out for this role…

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