Book Review- ‘Stormflod 1825’ by B. Poulsen

By Martin Bellamy, published March 2021


The Limfjord is Denmark’s largest fjord and separates the northern tip of Jutland from the rest of the country. This shallow waterway is 180 kilometres long and prior to 1825 it had access to the open sea only through an outlet to the Kattegat on its eastern side. In February 1825, a major North Sea storm breached the narrow sandy isthmus that had long separated the Limford from the open sea on its western side. The water quickly turned from brackish to salty and opened up a new environmental system that had major ecological, economic and cultural ramifications. Bo Poulsen’s exquisite little book provides an overview of the changing fortunes of the marine and human life that resulted from these shifting sands…

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