Book Review – ‘Swedish Naval Administration 1521–1721: Resource Flows and Organisational Capabilities’ by Jan Glete

By Martin Bellamy, published October 2020


With Jan Glete’s passing, maritime history lost one of its great original thinkers. This is his last book in which he presents the results of a lifetime’s study of the Swedish navy. Readers of his previous books, notably Navies and Nations (1993), Warfare at Sea (2000) and War and the State in Early Modern Europe (2002) will be familiar with his approach. He does not regard navies as entities in their own right, but treats them in a holistic fashion examining the political, geographical, economic and technological factors in their development. His main area of enquiry was the relationship between naval administration and early modern state formation. While his earlier books took a global perspective, this study is a detailed examination of one very important example of the interaction between the development of a state navy and the ambitions and capabilities of the state as a whole….

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Filed under: Early Modern
Subjects include: Administration

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