Book Review-‘Taming the Atlantic: The history of man’s battle with the world’s toughest ocean’ by D. Pike

By Harold N. Boyer, published December 2020


Dag Pike (Inspector of Lifeboats, RNLI, and author) has provided a survey of humankind’s experience battling the Atlantic Ocean since the early Middle Ages. His emphasis is mainly the North Atlantic from the Equator to the Arctic. This area saw the main trade routes develop over the centuries down to the present time. He sets the stage by describing the Atlantic both as a trade route and a barrier to trade. Even today it is a challenge to marine ship design and technology and a testing ground for seamanship. The challenges posed by the Atlantic are categorized and described. Changes in the ocean and weather are the two most frequent occurrences. Wind and ocean currents shift huge volumes of water while overcast skies, until the invention of Loran and GPS, made navigation mostly an exercise in guesswork…

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Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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