Book Review – ‘Technikgeschichte des industriellen Schiffbaus in Deutschland im 19. und 20. Jahrhunder: Handelsschiffstypen und ihr Entwurf – Yachten und Sportboote’ by Henning Kuhlmann

By Henning Kuhlmann, published October 2020


Finally, in 2014, the time had come: those who had been waiting for the third and final volume of Technikgeschichte des industriellen Schiffbaus in Deutschland im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert were at long last satisfied. Initially, it had been hoped to have this edition in three volumes completed in time for the centenary of the Schiffsbautechnische Gesellschaft in 1999. However, the project was delayed due to the difficulty of finding experts from certain fields, as Lars U. Scholl states in his preface. Eventually, Eike Lehmann, a naval architect and president of the Schiffsbautechnische Gesellschaft, agreed to work on the projected subject areas, after having already contributed to the first edition of the volume. While the first two volumes concentrated on the constructional development of seagoing vessels, surface raiders and submarines, on prime movers, propulsion and electronics aboard, this third volume focuses on the changing design of different types of merchant vessels and pleasure crafts.

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Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards | Miscellaneous | Shipbuilding & Design

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