Book Review – ‘The 1607 Popham Colony’s Pinnace Virginia: An in-context design of Maine’s first ship’ by John W. Bradford

By Michael Leek, published October 2020


At first glance this book promised much. However, it is a disappointment. The first question, which remains unanswered, is what is meant by ‘in-context design’? The level of technical detail, especially relating to wooden ship construction and lofting tables, etc., suggests the book is not intended for a general readership of maritime history, yet regardless of the inclusion of lofting data there is an amateurish ‘feel’ because of some very amateurish and almost pointless illustrations. There is also much supposition based on the interpretation of limited evidence. Nevertheless, the author states that his manuscript was ‘written as a reference resource for those with an historical interest in that fascinating period – and, more specifically, for reconstructing Virginia – or for those who may wish to reconstruct any vessel of that period …’…

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Filed under: Early Modern
Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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