Book Review:- ‘The British Navy in Eastern Waters: The Indian and Pacific Oceans’ by J. D. Grainger

By Andrew Lambert, published December 2023


This ambitious overview of British naval activity ‘East of Suez’ since 1600 integrates a wide range of existing research, providing a base line for future studies. Grainger emphasizes the failure of existing British and Indian focused research to address the complex development of British regional power from maritime, economic, terrestrial and political perspectives. At sea the problem has been exacerbated by the failure of standard accounts to integrate the operational histories of the Royal Navy and Bombay Marine. From the outset the East India Company (EIC) was intimately connected to the English/British state, charged with supplying high quality Indian saltpetre, a vital strategic resource…

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Filed under: Indian Ocean | Pacific | East India Company
Subjects include: Administration | Strategy & Diplomacy

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