Book Review – ‘The Golden Dream: A history of the St. Lawrence Seaway’ by Ronald Stagg

By Maurice D. Smith, published October 2020


There are many histories of the St Lawrence River waterways but this is among the best. The author and historian, Ronald Stagg has provided an expansive set of notes for each of the five chapters, an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources including, articles, magazine pieces and annotated online resources. The strength of this history is in providing a well explained and uncluttered social, technological, political and military context to the political decision making and engineering process, initially between the United States and Great Britain in the early nineteenth century ending with an unfolding twentieth century drama leading to the opening of the Seaway in 1959. The author writes with clarity and with an eye for telling detail….

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Filed under: Atlantic | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century | Internal Waterways
Subjects include: Miscellaneous

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