Book Review-‘The Life and Ship Models of Norman Ough’ by A. Roach

By Michael Leek, published November 2020


In contrast to marine artists, ship model builders, be they amateur or professional, are rarely acknowledged for the undoubted skills many possess. Considering the number from various countries who have made a name for themselves – albeit a name acknowledged primarily by those who practice or study the craft – and whose work resides in national or regional collections, this is not so surprising, because many collections often fail to acknowledge the name of the builder. We are aware that many ‘official’ model makers from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries will forever remain unknown, but from the twentieth century there are many who have established well-deserved reputations and who can be named. In Britain, for example, ship model making to an exceptional standard of accuracy and detail, often adding to our understanding of ship design and construction, has been led by the likes of Kenneth Britten, John Franklin, Ewart Freeston, Ike Marsh, Donald McNarry, Norman Ough, and Harold A. Underhill, among others – all of whom are now deceased. Following in their footsteps, and bringing ship model making to new levels of detail and accuracy, are Malcolm Darch, John Haynes and Philip Reed, to name but three from Britai..

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Subjects include: Biography | Ship Models & Figureheads

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