Book Review-‘ The Modern Cruiser: The evolution of the ships that fought the Second World War’ by R. C. Stern,

By Derek G. Law, published March 2021


he first and very positive thing one notices about this book is the sheer quality of the production. Sumptuous is perhaps too strong a description, but there is a good strong dust jacket which will not fray or tear with shelf wear; the pages are of strong durable near- photographic- quality paper, and the images are reproduced with great clarity.  Stern is a prolific author of works on twentieth century naval history spanning some 30 years and this has given him a depth of knowledge and understanding reflected in the text. His other great interest is photography and it is surely a consequence of this that the book includes some 200 clear and appropriate photographs, each with a paragraph or two of explanatory text rather than a simple caption. The book is arranged in ten broadly chronological chapters, with a major focus on the inter-war years and the variety of cruiser types spawned by the various naval treaties…

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Filed under: WW2 | Post WW2
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies | Weapons

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