Book Review-‘The Naval Route to the Abyss: The Anglo-German naval race 1895–1914’ edited by M. S. Seligmann, F. Nägel and M. EpkenhansAshgate

By Martin Gibson, published October 2020


The latest in the Navy Records Society’s series of edited volumes of primary source documents provides an analysis of the Anglo-German naval race of 1895–1914, which it calls ‘probably the most totemic of all modern armaments competitions prior to the Cold War’. Many previous studies have concentrated on one of the two countries for several perfectly valid reasons: the naval policies of both countries were linked to domestic issues, while many of the key individuals involved, including Winston Churchill, Lord Fisher, Alfred von Tirpitz and Kaiser Wilhelm II were worthy of study in their own right…

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Filed under: Other (Twentieth C) | Other (Nineteenth C)
Subjects include: Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy

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