Book Review-‘The Russian Baltic Fleet in the Time of War and Revolution 1914–1918’ by S. N. Timirev (trs S. Ellis)

By Paul Brown, published May 2021


The First World War was a turbulent time for the Russian navy, rebuilding after the humiliation of the Russo-Japanese war of 1904–5, engaging with the German navy which was supporting the advance of troops into the imperial Russian territories of Lithuania and Latvia, and finally being debilitated by the effects of the 1917 revolution. A witness to all these dramatic events was Sergei Timirev (1875–1932), who served in the Imperial Russian navy for 23 years, during the First World War commanding the cruiser Baian (or Bayan) and reaching the rank of rear-admiral, in command of the First Cruiser Squadron, before resigning in the face of what, for him, was the completely unacceptable command-by-sailor committee (soviet) structure introduced by the first revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks…

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