Book Review-‘The Sea in History: The medieval world’ ed. by M. Balard

By Peter Furtado, published November 2020


This is the second of four massive volumes, the product of Oceanides, the extraordinary five-year international (but primarily French) research project which brings together hundreds of the world’s leading scholars of maritime history, and attempts to answer some of the very largest questions of how the sea has impacted on human history, from ancient times to the present. This truly global volume, roughly covering the period from the fall of Rome to Columbus, includes 74 contributions from 31 countries, almost half of them written in French, and includes two conclusions (each presented in both English and French); the first is the conclusion to this medieval volume written by Michel Balard of the Sorbonne, the second is general editor Christian Buchet’s more wide-ranging conclusion to the series as a whole…

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Filed under: Antiquity | Other (Early Modern)
Subjects include: Administration | Archaeology | Strategy & Diplomacy

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