Book review:-‘The Sinking of the Blücher: The battle of the Drøback Narrows April 1940’ by G. Haarr and J. Melien

By David Bowen, published May 2024


In the darkness of the early hours of Tuesday, 9 April 1940 Germany launched Operation Weserübung, its surprise invasion of Norway. Necessarily the German navy was supported by air and airborne operations. These naval forces were divided into six units tasked with the infiltration of their army at different sections of 1,000 miles of coast from Narvik in the north to Oslo in the south-east. The new and powerful heavy cruiser Blücher led the five warships and eight smaller vessels of group five in a sweep into Oslofjord intent upon a lightning strike at the capital, with the objective of immediately paralysing the Norwegian organs of state, capturing the king and imposing a puppet government. The might and sophistication of the German military was thus unleashed on a tiny, unsuspecting, unprepared and non-belligerent neutral state…

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Weapons

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