Book Review – ‘The U.S. Naval Institute on Naval Command’ by Harold N. Boyer

By Harold N. Boyer, published October 2020


The US Department of Defense’s Dictionary of Military Commands and Associated Terms defines command as ‘the authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment’. In this anthology of articles on command and leadership, Thomas J. Cutler, Director of Publishing at the US Naval Institute and Fleet Professor of Strategy and Policy, US Naval War College, pulls together under one cover articles written by present and past officers.

This book is part of the Naval Institute’s ‘Wheel Books’ series designed to ‘provide supplemental information, pragmatic advice and cogent analysis on topics important to all naval professionals’. Of the 14 articles in this book, 11 are reprinted articles from the Naval Institute Proceedings while the other three are reprints of chapters from books on command and leadership …

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Subjects include: Administration | Battles & Tactics | Manpower & Life at Sea | Navies

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