Book review:-‘The ‘Wager’: A tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder’ by D. Grann, Simon & Schuster

By Callum Easton, published May 2024


In his latest book David Grann reminds us, in compelling and emotive style, of the many reasons why humanity’s relationship with the sea continues to fascinate. The spaces are vast, the unforgiving forces of nature are on full display, and our human frailties drive events. With each successive chapter, the sea appears more unforgiving, the odds of survival seem to diminish, and the desperation of the situation brings out some of the best but much of the worst in the human condition. Periodic measures of ingenuity, determination, and heroism sit cheek by jowl with selfishness, distrust, deceit, and betrayal, culminating in immense cruelty, murder, and possibly even cannibalism. In short, this book offers everything that could be asked of a sea story, and it hits all the harder for being true…

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Filed under: Mutiny & Discipline | Other (Eighteenth C) | Pacific | Shipwrecks
Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Science & Exploration | Ship Handling & Seamanship

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