Book Review – ‘The War in the North Sea: The Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy 1914–1918’ by Harold N. Boyer

By Harold N. Boyer, published January 2021


In addition to grand strategy, author Quintin Barry discusses the ships of both fleets as they existed in August 1914 and then throughout the war, as well as the state of officers and ratings.

This book is heavily detailed, documented, and most interesting while bringing a four-year struggle under one cover. The only criticism offered is that almost every page has one or more direct quotations which tend to disrupt the narrative. With that said, Barry has found the range and straddled his subject with his first salvo. This book will long stand as a definitive treatment of the naval war in the North Sea.




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Filed under: WW1 | North Sea | Twentieth Century
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies

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