Book Review-‘The World of the Newport Medieval Ship:Trade, politics and shipping in the mid-fifteenthcentury’ edited by E. T. Jones and R. Stone

By Fred Hocker, published December 2020


In the analysis and publication of many archaeological ship finds, discussion of the historical context of the wreck is integrated into the overall project structure. This can be more or less successful, depending on how adept the archaeologists are at working with historical sources or how well they work with historians. In the study of the fifteenth-century vessel found in Newport, Wales, in 2002, the formally constituted project to excavate, document and conserve the find, the Newport Medieval Ship Project, largely focused on the archaeological and ship technical analysis. A group of regional historians, inspired by this unusual find and the opportunity it presented, worked with the project to explore the historical source material that might be relevant. A conference held in 2014 led to collaborative discussions of the results and revision of the papers. This book is the result. It is not a simple publication of conference proceedings, but a well-integrated anthology of focused papers on a central theme. It includes a brief presentation of the archaeological results by Toby Jones and Nigel Nayling, but the bulk of the work are studies of different aspects of the commercial and political history of the region and period in which the ship operated..

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Filed under: Tudors
Subjects include: Archaeology

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