Book Review-‘They Were Just Skulls: The naval career of Fred Henley, last survivor of HM Submarine‘Truculent’ ‘ by J. Johnson-Allen

By R.R. Channon, published December 2020


The title of this book may appear somewhat sensationalist, but is entirely appropriate to the most traumatic experience of Fred’s long life, of which more below. As the last living survivor of the tragic sinking of the Truculent he has had celebrity thrust upon him at the age of 94, but has retained the memory and the lucidity to tell an interesting tale. The author has interviewed him at length, and the form of the book is transcripts of his reminiscences (suitably smoothed out for the written word) interspersed with the author’s narrative setting out the background to his memories, and explaining the more technical aspects for a non-seafaring readership…

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Filed under: WW2 | Post WW2
Subjects include: Biography | Navies | Submarines

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