Book Review-‘This Is No Drill: The history of NAS Pearl Harbor and the Japanese attacks of 7 December 1941’ by J. M. Wenger,

By Andrew Choong, published December 2020


This Is No Drill is the second volume of the Pearl Harbor Tactical Studies Series published by the Naval Institute Press. Where the first focused on the experience of the naval air station at Kaneohe Bay on the eastern side of O’ahu, this book shifts the attention to the other main naval airbase on Ford Island. Like its predecessor, it presents a detailed narrative of the events in the lead-up to the Japanese attack on this part of the US naval base and of the day itself. The intention of the books in this series is to scrutinize isolated aspects of the battle, ultimately allowing for a set of books that will cover the events of 7 December 1941 in unprecedented detail…

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Filed under: WW2
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics

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