Book Review – ‘Town Class Cruisers’ by Neil McCart

By Derek Law, published November 2020


The Town class cruisers were designed to meet the constraints imposed by the London Naval Treaty of 1930. Like their US and Japanese contemporaries, the Towns were considered to be ‘light cruisers’ within the narrow terms of the Treaty. The London Treaty defined a ‘light cruiser’ as being one having a main armament no greater than 6.1 inches (155 mm) calibre. The major naval powers then sought to get around the limitations on the heavy cruiser numbers set by the Treaty by building ‘light cruisers’ that were equal in size and effective power to heavy cruisers. These ships made up for their smaller calibre guns by carrying larger numbers of them. The Towns were built in three subgroups with differing armaments and D. K. Brown considered them the most beautiful ships ever built for the Royal Navy….

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