Book Review – ‘Trade and Cultural Exchange in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Braudel’s maritime legacy’ by Ruthy Gertwagen

By Ruthy Gertwagen, published November 2020


Composed of 13 papers by authors from the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe and North Africa, this volume, which includes an extensive bibliography, is a tribute to Braudel’s work and methodology and to their influence regarding the importance of the Mediterranean in the early modern period. Indeed, his magnum opus, La Méditerranée et le monde Méditerranée à l’époque de Phillipe II, written in 1949, revised in 1966 and translated into English in 1972–3, has been seen as a seminal work of European history and widely used by scholars: both in agreement and disagreement (p. 23). Maria Fusaro, the chief editor of the volume, stresses that one of the volume’s two aims is to introduce to the Anglophone audience the products of recent research in other Mediterranean historiographic traditions of this sea, while reassessing some aspects of the socio-economic history of the Mediterranean (pp. 5–6). It focuses on the period between the last quarter of the sixteenth century, when the English and the Dutch started to trade in the Mediterranean, and the eighteenth century, when the European trade in different parts of the Mediterranean Ottoman Empire reached its quantitative peak …

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Subjects include: Merchant Marines | Strategy & Diplomacy

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