Book Review – ‘Troubled Waters: Leisure boating and the Second World War’ by P. M. Bugden

By P. M. Bugden, published October 2020


In  this  work  the  author (N. Sharp),  who  has  previously written the story of the 700 small craft engaged on Operation Dynamo in Dunkirk Little Ships for  the  same  publisher,  has  explored  in  six chapters  a  little-known  and  interesting  aspect of the Second World War, namely, the roles of yachtsman,  yacht  and  sailing  clubs  and  yacht builders  during  the  war  and  the  changing  face and  fortunes  of  yachting  during  and  after  the war.  The  book  has  footnotes  but  there  is  no index.  The  author’s  primary  sources  appear  to be yacht club records, yachting magazines and local  newspapers.  There  is  a  bibliography,  but not  a  very  complete  one,  and  no  mention,  for example,  is  made  of  a  number  of  important works  directly  relevant  to  the  scope  of  the book …

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Filed under: Atlantic | English Channel | North Sea
Subjects include: Leisure & Small Craft | Miscellaneous

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