Book Review: ‘Venetian Shipping: From the days of glory to decline, 1453–1571’ by R. Gluzman

By Susan RoseBook Review: ', published November 2022


My first reaction as a maritime historian working in the same period as Dr Gluzman when confronted with this book was to be overcome with envy at the depth, completeness and extent of the sources which he had at his command in the Archivio di Stato in Venice. This has enabled him to create a picture of Venetian shipping which is both in sufficient detail to include the biographies of individual vessels and wide-ranging enough to allow him to analyse the ups and downs of the fortunes of Venetian shipping as a whole. It is not surprising that the production of this study has taken eight years of archival work. The appendices, in particular, are invaluable and include full lists of all Venetian ships afloat at dates between 1480 and 1558, as well as detailed construction costs and gross incomes from freight…

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Filed under: Late Middle Ages
Subjects include: Administration | Ship Models & Figureheads | Strategy & Diplomacy

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