Book Review – ‘Vickers’ Master Shipbuilder Sir Leonard Redshaw’ by Leslie M. Shaw

By David Andrews, published October 2020


This is a very handsomely produced and comprehensive biography of one of the great and last British shipbuilders, Sir (Len) Leonard Redshaw. A truly outstanding Barrovian, he was devoted to his industry and the Barrow Shipbuilding Works in particular. His life at Barrow encompassed the pre-war build up, the postwar success of Barrow shipbuilding, (where he was managing director from 1965 to retirement in 1976, as chairman of Vickers Shipbuilding Group and deputy managing director of Vickers Limited), leading the Polaris submarine build programme and achieving the peak of Barrow’s shipbuilding capabilities. This peak occurred before Barrow, too, was subject to the vagaries of the decline in British shipbuilding, the upheavals of nationalization and then privatization, all combined to reduce a once proud and world dominant industry to a small residual capability, now almost exclusively dependant on the declining Royal Navy build programme….

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Filed under: Twentieth Century
Subjects include: Biography

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