Book Review-‘War at Sea: A shipwrecked history from antiquity to the twentieth century’ by J. Delgado

By Innes McCartney, published January 2021


The author of this book has been a practising archaeologist for over 40 years. During that time he has been fortunate enough to have partaken in and reported on a very diverse range of maritime archaeology projects around the globe. He is an engaging fixture at conferences and has been for many years a long-standing advocate for maritime archaeology on television, bringing many of the world’s greatest maritime discoveries to our living rooms. In this way, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the field, James Delgado is well suited to produce this new overview of the world of the archaeology of maritime conflict as it is today. The book is historically chronological, but it also serves to relate just how far this new archaeological discipline has progressed in recent years…

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Subjects include: Archaeology

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