Book Review:- ‘War, Trade and the State: Anglo-Dutch conflict 1652–89’ by D. Omrod and G. Rommelse (eds)

By Basil Bowdler, published February 2024


The last decade has seen a renewed interest in the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the late seventeenth century. David Ormrod and Gijs Rommelse’s edited collection was borne out of the two conferences which commemorated the 350th anniversary of the Dutch raid on the Medway; unfortunately, the same anniversary of the ‘Disaster Year’ of 1672, and the attendant spate of publications that accompanied it, came just too late. Nor has this interest been limited to academic circles. The exploits of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter has been brought to a new audience by the 2015 film Admiral, while 2023 has seen exhibitions to mark the discovery of the wreck of HMS Gloucester and on the maritime paintings of Willem van de Velde the Older and the Younger. Ormrod and Rommelse have done justice to this renewed and wide-ranging interest in Anglo-Dutch conflict, marshalling a broad range of subjects and perspectives into an important and handsome collection of essays…

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Filed under: Dutch Wars
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Strategy & Diplomacy

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